Weed & Fertilization Treatment Services

Weeds! Weeds! Weeds! Every lawns worst nightmare. Ours too! That’s why Live Lawn and Prosper took the time to do all of the research for you. We have spent years dealing with different weeds and companies and proposed solutions, but only one has truly taken a stand and stood behind their results…

That is why this year, Live Lawn and Prosper is proud to announce our new partnership with TruGreen Lawn Care to provide the best results for your lawn at the best price. By partnering with TruGreen, Live Lawn and Prosper will be able to provide everyone with a one-stop-shop option and handle all your customer service needs. You get all the benefits of great products and low prices, all while still having the personal touch of your local landscaper just a phone call away.

Weed & Fertilization Treatment Services in Centreville VA

Here are the treatments and benefits available:

  • Initial Soil Test (helps determine status of lawn and appropriate fertilization treatments)
  • Pre and Post Emergent Weed Control (this kills the weeds already there and any new ones before they start!)
  • Liquid and/or Granular Fertilization (both are used depending on the time of year and yard conditions)
  • Grub Control (may be used as a preventative or rescue measure)
  • Lime Application (helps your soil reach optimum PH levels)
  • Nuisance and Pest Control (optional separate service that takes care of fleas, ticks, spiders, ants, chiggers and more)

For most lawns we recommend 5 Weed/Fertilization treatments per year. This helps maintain excellent health and growth of your lawn all year long while fighting against those pesky weeds from your neighbors yard! They bother us too…get them to sign up for a treatment plan and we’ll give you both a discount! Lime and grub treatments are optional and will only be recommended if we see a problem.

We want to thank TruGreen for working with us and we look forward to working together with them to make Centreville even more beautiful this year!


Live Lawn and Prosper has been taking care of my yard for the past two years and I will gladly sign up for year three! They are punctual, easy to get a hold of, and the prices are very reasonable. Definitely a five star business!

- Steven B. of Centreville, VA

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