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There’s nothing like driving up to a beautifully manicured lawn after a long hard day at work! The lawn is not only mowed, the edges are perfectly cut to give it that extra crisp look. The weeds have all been pulled and replaced with a thick, beautiful layer of mulch that just seems to make those perfectly trimmed bushes pop!

Mulching & Planting Services for Centreville VA lawns

Everything is so neat…the round bushes are round and the square bushes are square. (Apparently a detail some companies tend to forget!) You didn’t realize it until now…but a new crepe myrtle and some colorful annual flowers are just the spark your yard needs.

Every garden needs mulch. Not only does it contrast well with the plants to really help bring out their colors, it also provides your plants with the protection and nutrients they need to stay healthy and beautiful. We are constantly on the lookout for new suppliers to bring you better products. Our mulch is completely natural and is not dyed. Dyed mulch is known to develop and spread a fungus and may contain material from unnatural sources (some places make mulch from construction material and are prone to having nails and other things…not exactly what you want in your garden!)


The depth of your mulch is very important. Not just for the look and durability of the garden, but for the health of the plants. Some companies go cheap and barely cover the ground so everything is destroyed the first time a leaf blower comes by and others pile on so much that it suffocates the plants. We take the time to do it right. Mulch needs to be thicker in the bare areas and near the edges, while tapering down near the plants to allow them to get the proper amount of water and oxygen they need to grow.

We recommend 2 mulchings per year: spring and fall. This helps maintain a great look all year long! Planting is also recommended at these times. If you have your own plants, we are happy to install them for you. If you need help picking some out, we are friends with a few local nurseries and will work with you to find the right plants.


Live Lawn and Prosper has been taking care of my yard for the past two years and I will gladly sign up for year three! They are punctual, easy to get a hold of, and the prices are very reasonable. Definitely a five star business!

- Steven B. of Centreville, VA

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