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Bush trimming is not only a Live Lawn and Prosper favorite, it’s one of our Signature Services. Anyone can clean up a yard, but we provide a personal touch that makes you smile every time you pull up to your home. With a free estimate and a personalized custom package for every job, we take the time to listen to your wants and needs to make sure you get the look your going for.

If you’re not quite sure what to do, we are happy to give you some suggestions or make recommendations to help you increase that curb appeal!

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From rose pruning to hedge trimming, we’ve got you covered. In fact, because it’s one of our signature services, we approach trimming a little differently than most companies, we actually listen to the plants! Plants are living and breathing, just like us. They each have very specific needs and requests, yet they aren’t afraid to tell you when something’s wrong. We take the time to care for each plant and their individual needs. We are constantly learning and growing every day, just like them.

With a perfect blend of the look you want and what the plant needs, your perfectly trimmed hedges are sure to be the envy of Centreville!

So go ahead and give us a call for a FREE estimate. We’ll come out and work with you to get the perfect look for the perfect price. We will email or hand deliver a personalized estimate that is good for 10 days. This gives you time to think it over in the comfort of your own home without any pressure.

Our first contact was done with a word and a handshake, we hope our last one is too. Now we have to put things on paper..you know…because we actually pay our taxes (our workers do too!)…just in case you were wondering.


Live Lawn and Prosper has been taking care of my yard for the past two years and I will gladly sign up for year three! They are punctual, easy to get a hold of, and the prices are very reasonable. Definitely a five star business!

- Steven B. of Centreville, VA

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