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Aeration is an essential requirement for all healthy lawns. When maintained right, most lawns will only need aeration every other year. Live Lawn and Prosper focuses on one type of aeration…core aeration. This is the most productive and most beneficial for your lawn and has numerous benefits. We make sure to use top-of-the-line equipment that penetrates deep into the soil.

Properly aerated lawns only require half the amount of water

Aerating can:

  • Help your lawn breathe
    Oxygen is essential for your lawn’s growth, this helps maintain the proper oxygen/water ratio
  • Reduce water consumption
    A properly aerated lawn will only require half the amount of water by reducing runoff and eliminating puddles that cause damage and attract mosquitoes
  • Loosen compacted soil
    This allows air and water to reach your lawn easier
  • Breakdown thatch
    Which also aids in improving water and oxygen consumption
  • Reduce weeds
    By combining with over seeding, you can help your lawn fill in those bare spots with grass…not weeds
  • Help maintain stronger roots
    Strong roots are the best way to have a lawn that is resilient against summer heat and stress

Core Aeration Services Centreville VA

These are only some of the many great benefits of aerating. It is one of the most cost effective ways to help your lawn. By using core aeration, it also adds a small layer of topdressing to your lawn that breaks down naturally. If you have an uneven or patchy lawn, ask us about pairing a topdressing of soil/compost to help fill in the gaps.

Aeration and seeding can be done two times during the year, spring and fall. If your lawn can wait, we recommend service in the fall. This gives your new grass the most time to establish deep, hearty roots before the stress of summer.

If you have a regular mowing or treatment plan with us we always make sure to coordinate your services so you get all the benefits and the best bang for your buck!


Live Lawn and Prosper has been taking care of my yard for the past two years and I will gladly sign up for year three! They are punctual, easy to get a hold of, and the prices are very reasonable. Definitely a five star business!

- Steven B. of Centreville, VA

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